Anyone have breast implants through a pregnancy..?

  • tattooed88
  • Texas
  • 1 year ago

This is my biggest concern on deciding about my BA. Im a 24 yrs old, 5'6'' and 142- with a loss of 17 lbs in 2 months. Im an Afghanistan war veteran, who went through a rape and assault while deployed, and it destroyed my outlook on my body. I cant even let my husband touch my breast- Hence my main reason in wanting to change them.  I havent had kids, and right now I dont plan on kids for another 4-5 years.   I am afraid to go through with the BA and then have the breasts sag or other complications. Im looking to get silicone unders-- Has anyone had silicone unders and then got pregnant.. What happened to your breasts? Did they bounce back? Did they sag more then before? Please give me as much feedback as possible. I know every woman is different, and alot relates to genetics.. My mom is 5'10 and 120 she had a BA from AA to a C after 5 kids. So i def. didnt get the B's ( i think thats what I am comparing to other womens pictures.. I always wear double padded pushup bras) Im sure I got my boobs from my Dads side, but my aunts are all heavy heavy breasted.   Thank you in advance Very Respectfully B