Breast implants too small but told I can't go bigger?

  • Mellyk
  • Australia
  • 4 years ago

I had breast augmentation 5 months ago and had 325cc (textured silicon implants) put in but now I think they are too small. I cant get a cleavage or the look I want without wearing a push up bra. I initially told the surgeon I wanted a full c cup (so he suggested 300cc or 325 cc)but I now realise that a full c is not very big and wish I had chosen 350cc!

I can also really feel (but not see) my implant underneath and around the sides. My surgeon said I can not go bigger as you would start to see the implant, but all of my friends have bigger implants and they look good and they are all slim like me. I am very dissapointed and upset that I have to wear push up bras and that I cant go bigger. Is this true about not being able to go bigger? and will I be able to eventually see rippling from my current implants in the future if I can really feel them now??

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I completely agree with clevername. I went to my BA consult with a friend who's looking at having a revision -- our doctor said that with my anatomy I could actually get pretty nice cleavage, but even if she goes a little bigger (she currently has around 380-400 I think, and is a slender build like you), she would not get cleavage without a push-up bra. 

Here's a Q&A from the site where a number of the plastic surgeons mention this very thing -- that cleavage is not about implant size or type, but your own anatomy. Hope this helps.

Will High Profile Implants Give Me Cleavage and Roundness

P.S. I think you look great and very proportionate!

Cleavage is the product of where your breasts sit on your chest and the clothing you wear/position you hold your arms. Period. If your breasts (like the overwhelming majority of women) aren't spaced very closely together, no size of implant is going to create cleavage by itself. Spacing them too close together in an attempt to create "natural" cleavage is a recipe for disaster. You can permanently damage the the pecs and the skin over the sternum and wind up with truly bizarre looking, malformed breasts- it's WAY better to have implants that look more natural when you're naked, and just wear a pushup when you want dramatic cleavage.

If you can already feel the implants, going larger will only increase that. Although an increase of 25 CCs is not going to make a visible difference and is DEFINITELY not worth going back under the knife. That's less than the volume of one of those medicine cups that comes with cough syrup.

It's only been 5 months- give yourself some time to adjust (and for them to continue to soften). And bra shop, bra shop, bra shop! You're just learning to dress them, really. And try not to compare your naked, I've-been-standing-in-front-of-the-mirror-obsessing-for-ages perception of your breasts to your friends' fully clothed breasts. Talk to them about what kind of bras and clothes they're getting the results you like with, and give it at least another 7 months before you think about going back for a revision. It may seem like it's been a long time, but really, your body isn't done healing, and your mind hasn't fully parted with the fantasy of what a BA would be like vs the reality. Give it time. You may be surprised by how much you like them in a few more months- and if not at least you won't wind up rushing in to a new procedure and wind up back here, horrified that this time they went way too large.
how tall are you??? my surgery it´s on dec 5th and my surgeon suggests 325 cc but i dont know what to do!