Best option to fix capsular contacture in right breast?

  • lyricbrodie
  • houston
  • 4 years ago

i have capsular contacture in right breast whats my best fixing option? had surgery february 2008 a,d now right breast has cc. it isnt painful but in profile, IS noticable. i really trust the doctor who did my surgery and i know cc can happen to anyone. my doctor ONLY does augmentation in front of the muscle, and i have 500cc slightly overfilled.

i would like to go back to get silicone, as i want a more realistic feel, and i can feel the shape of the bag, even though theres NO rippling visible. i am planning on going bigger, but not much. (i dont know what cc's silcone comes in)

any suggestions as to what my best plan should be??? thanks in advance

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i will, the doctor i went to told me before that he will fix it for 400 dollars, but in actuality i want them behind the muscle so they dont look like two implants just sitting on a flat slate, so to speak. however, i know redoing it costs money all over again. thanks


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A friend of mine is about to undergo her second revision surgery to fix capsular contracture, so I know this complication can be difficult to deal with.  Good luck, and keep us posted on how things turn out!