When will breast implants drop and pain subside?

  • Dupree1
  • Louisiana
  • 4 years ago

I had a breast augmentation 3 weeks ago under local anesthesia. I am 5'5, 125 lbs. I went from an A to a DD. (475 CC's) subpectoral. During the operation, I had some pretty intense pain on the left side, in the armpit area. I still have that same pain 3 weeks later. I told the doctor during the surgery... Is there some way that something was hit? Also, I can feel the sides of my new breasts under my arms. They have yet to "drop" and are still quite hard. About how long before they look like normal breasts?

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Hi there, two months post op now. Pain is gone and it is just my skin that keeps on giving me troubles (some allergies, really dry, ecct). Boobs almost look "normal " already :O) Very happy about the result apart from a little rippling . WEll, guess we can't have it all :) C
dont worry, they will drop and look amazing! it took 6-8 weeks for me to even THINK mine may be starting to drop...but in retrospect, they didn't really settle in for 6 months. I continued to have intermitten pain for several months as well. Remember that connective tissue takes 6-8 weeks to heal...and ours not only has to heal but remodel-break down and rebuild, etc. I had deep depression after my surgery. I couldn't imagine that i did this to myself VOLUNTARILY! But after a few months everything got back to normal. I would do it over again if i had the choice. Good Luck!
hey, I had my op around five weeks ago (same as you, submuscolar, 485 cc ). Never really had big pain, but a sort of annoying sensation, which.. does not leave .. I cannot see any real problem, apart from the fact that they are quite high as yours, but this annoying feeling (tightness, sore, skin pulling, feeling heavy ) does not subside. C
I mistyped that information, they are submuscular.