Breast implant revision from big to small went bad

  • SarahDarling1
  • 11 months ago

I need help - I had my 375ccs reduced to 300s on Oct 3rd under local anesthetic (by my choice, I get very sick from general anesthetic)  Now 6.5 weeks later my breasts are still a D, still the same size as they were before surgery but floppy and unattractive, not perky at all.  I went back to the surgeon today with my complaints and he says the only way to fix the problem is to be put to sleep, have breast reduction to get rid of the excess skin, have a lift and nipple replacement.  The skin is stretched from the old implants and in the past 10 years I have done multiple IVF treatments and all the estrogen made my natural breast tissue grow.  When I went for my surgery in Oct he never told me that going under local means he can't do as much work or as good of a job.  So now he is telling me that I will have to pay further fees for anesthetic (which is fine since I didn't pay for that the first time), fees for the operating room and his time.  Why should I have to pay the fees when I'm not happy and he didn't do a good job?  I've already lost 3 weeks recovering from this past surgery and now he tells me that this next surgery is 10 days totally down and another 3 weeks full recovery time. I'm so upset.

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I hope you were able to resolve your issues.
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So sorry you are not happy with your results. Sometimes doctors offer a slight discount for the revision. I'm glad to see you posted your question to the RealSelf Doctor Q&A. You may want to submit it again along with a few photos to get thorough feedback. Feel free to start a review in the Breast Implant Revision community too. 

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