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Hi ladies, I am scheduled to have my breast implants removed in mid January and cannot wait. I was previously a size 34A after nursing my daughter and went to a size 36 large B-small C with the implants. They are saline implants placed under the muscle. I have had them for 18 years and have developed capsular contracture on the left side which has made the left breast slightly higher than the right. My surgeon is removing the implants under local anesthesia and I will be asleep but not under general anesthesia. My first question is "Has anyone also had them removed this way?" Also, I am nervous about the final result. I have had them for so long and hope I can handle the different emotions that will go along with having them removed. I would love to chat with other women who have had their implants remove. I could really use some advice and encouragment as I have had these for so long and am concerned what to expect. Thanks

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Hello, I am a little nervous having it done under local but he said i will be sedated and sleeping. I just hope i'm in a really DEEP sleep :) im not sure if i posted it but i have had mine since 1994 so it is a bit scary to think about how i may feel emotionally after but i am so ready to do this. Good luck with your surgery and please let us know how it goes and how youre doing. Good luck!
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Hi Brownie,

I, too, have saline implants under the muscle (16 years). I am having them removed in less than a week and cannot wait.

I admire you for doing it via local. My Dr wanted to do it that way, but I am too terrified sk I'm doing it under general anesthesia.

Good luck to you and here's to an implant-free 2012 for us both!
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This RealSelf member had hers out with local anesthesia. You might want to connect with her.

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Hi Angie,
If you don't mind me asking, how long did you have your implants and how long has it been since your explantation? Were they saline or silicone and were they placed under or above the muscle? Are you confident you made the right decision? I too am looking forward to having my natural soft breasts back.
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Hi there and welcome to RealSelf! I'm so sorry you developed capsular contracture. I'm sure I've read about others who've had their implants removed under local and sedation. I'll check around for you!

Living without implants will be an adjustment for sure, and everyone reacts differently, both physically and emotionally. Just keep reaching out and talking to others who've had this done and you'll get through it. Many women find they enjoy being back to au naturale!

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