Breast implant removal concerns

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  • 4 years ago

I have 350cc saline implants under muscles. I'm a 36c started out a 34B nice round shaped breast. I'm having alot of pain the left breast has slightly shifted and rt breast indents when raising my arm. Told I had alot of breast tissue and breasts would return back to normal after removal. How will left breast be back to normal when it has shifted? Can they return to normal? nice shape before just small. I am 5ft 2' 127lbs very athletic build. 32Yrs Old had implants for 3YRs now. Do not want new ones. Thanks

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Without an exam, one cannot be sure, but shifting that one sees is likely to be due to capsular contracture around the implant causing some distortion and implant displacement, and not a shift of the breast tissue which is over the implants. Removal of implants and treatment of capsular contracture commonly relieves pain that is due from capsular contracture. The breast will remain in a normal position.
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