Breast Implant Regrets

  • Oksana14
  • 1 year ago

I have been considering breast implants for some time now and have saved up enough money for the procedure. Considering having it done next summer but would like to know if there are any women who have regrets and if so what are your biggest regrets.  If you have no regrets, what is it that you like most about your implants?

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Hi, for the girls who are having implants removed for one reason or another, we can usually agree that going down that road will mean further surgery at some point, even if it's to finally remove them after 15/20 years... which again is fairly traumatic. And there is no getting away with that aspect, as these things don't last forever. I found myself at 25 thinking I wasn't a fully fledged woman without boobs, but funny now I'm 20 years older, I look at large boobs and think "Wow" that's some weight to carry around.. However, I had implants for the same reason that you want them, and they DO serve a purpose even if it's not for a life time :) I wish you the very best of luck xxx
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This is a tough decision! Try looking at reviews in both the Breast Implant community and the Breast Implant Removal community. After your research process, which would include several doctor consults, you may feel more confident about making this decision. Good luck! 

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you sound much like me. I have been wanting implants since I stopped nursing almost 10 years ago. My scheduled date is this Friday!! So as expected...Im practically sh@#%ing bricks!!! I keep telling myself this is something I've wanted for so long in hopes of settling my nerves. I have a habit of talking myself out of things...especially when it comes to gifting to myself. I'm going thorugh with it because's paid for now and I know the outcome will outweigh the nerves I have now. And if not, I can always take them out...and just have a breast lift!!
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