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Why is my breast implant hard?

  • Kimberly4Favre
  • South Carolina
  • 4 years ago

There is a hard spot at the bottom of my breast. My implants are under the muscle. Sometimes there is a hard spot and sometimes it is not.... Is it possible it is my muscle tensing up?

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I have silicone. I did get some good news from my doctor yesterday. I had been massaging them alot more since I was told to. I explained to my doctor that some mornings I wake up and they are soft and throughout the day it would become hard. He said right then that i was muscle and not what he had sais before. As far as the "zingers" that felt like electrical shocks.. that is the nerve endings connecting and repairing. I think I may be ok!! YAY!

Hi Kimberly,

Do you have saline or silicone implants? How long have you had them? If you can let us know some more details I'm sure someone can help you with the answer. :)