Can breast fillers like Aqualift/ Macrolane Harm Breastfed Babies?

  • allure_sam
  • 2 years ago

Hi. I have undergone a breast filler Aqualift treatment in 2009. And have given birth and breastfed my baby for one year now. B4 breastfeeding I did check with the doctor who did my treatment, if i can safely breastfeed. She said no problem. But this week, my 1yr old baby is suspected of having UTI. Now waiting for the urine test results. I'm very worried that the breast filler I had 2 years ago have entered my milk ducts and baby has been consuming it. Scared if that's the case, will it harm her kidney? Thanks

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Women who have had breast augmentation may also have problems with milk supply. This may happen if the surgery was needed due to lack of breast tissue, as well as risks of cutting nerves and ducts.

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I see that you also asked this question to doctors on RealSelf and have gotten a sound answer. I hope your baby's UTI has healed!

Hi. Thank you for your concern. My daughter has been prescribed antibiotics, and our pediatrician told us that her urine test showed no sign of infection. No bacteria. But we will check with the pediatric what is the cause of the blood in urine then. I have read that medicines like brufen can cause blood in urine. We spotted the blood in urine a day after my daughter took brufen, and two days later, she had non-itchy rashes. Perhaps these symptoms could be side effects of brufen. Thanks again.