Breast enlargement, for very active ladies

  • EmD
  • Staffordshire
  • 2 years ago

Hi Guys I had my first consultation last week and have come away very confused... I am 5"11 slim / athletic build, currently 34A. I ride my horses every night and compete in showjumping at weekends and like to go jogging in the summer. I was recommended i could have Natrelle, Anotomical textured 520cc implants, style 410 as this suited my frame best. O and it would be better that i had these 'Over' the muscle as otherwise i would feel them move when riding / jumping if they were put under the muscle. I was then informed i couldnt ride / compete my horses at all even after an ample 2 months healing time. Also that i should refrain from jogging in future as both these activities (the constant up and down movement) could cause bleeding and further complications later on like capsular contracture. Is this correct? It doesnt seem to make any sense as plenty of people i know are back to normal exercise routines after 6 weeks or when they've healed fully and they weren't warned not to do any "up and down" exercise at all :/ I hate my small breasts but the consultation has got me re-evaluating not being able to ever exercise properly and do semi strenuous exercise routines afterwards. Would appreciate people's first hand experiences with vigorous excercise after fully healing from breast surgery :)

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I think you should get a second opinion! Always get a second opinion. I got 3 second opinions for my 2nd breast augmentation because I didn't my first time and I completely trusted my first surgeon. 2 years later I am having to go back into surgery to correct what he did. This time I had 3 consultations! I have decided on a doctor that listened to me and was honest with me. Re-aug on March 30th... booooo for having to spend more money this time, so make sure you have a doctor that listens to you and doesn't scare you!
Sorry to hear about your experience! Glad you've found someone you can trust now. I am going to book a 'boob' shopping day out to see as many consultants as i can in one day, if i'm still not happy its back to the drawing board!

Good luck for the 30th March :)