Pain in breast after submuscular augmentation

  • JessicaChapman3190
  • virginia
  • 4 years ago

I had submucular saline implants put in a week ago. My right breast is very sore almost like a really bad bruise under near the crease of my breast. It is very painful when I lift my arm past a certain point. My left breast feels fine. What could be the problem. My surgeon gave me medication for nerve pain but so far that has not seemed to work. im worried I might have a blood clot or hematoma although there is no dicloeration or bruising. Please help!

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i had that pain too. the surgeon said it would take 2 weeks and i'd feel better but it's almost 3 months. after 2 months i finally was able to sleep on my side without too much pain (but still pain). now, 3 months later, i can sort of sleep on my side. hollywood totally glamorizes ba and it seems you recover overnight. however, i now see it's a year process to fully recover from all this. i think u have to wait to see the results. but trust me im in a ton of pain just as you are--and im on holiday and can't even lift my bags (my friend is lifting them for me, cuz if i lift them my boobs swell). good luck. xo

I have pain on side of my left breast after breast augmentation. I have pain on side of my left breast after breast augmentation. I had smooth high profile implants. Everything looks normal, no bruising. Feels as if there is a bruise that is being pushed on. It has only been 8 days since surgery, I feel no pain anywhere else, and no pain in right breast. Just trying to figure out if this is normal.