What size best for breast augmentation revision with downsizing?

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  • 4 years ago

I had breast augmentation 4 months ago. I did agree to 375cc high profile based on their recomendation, but now I'm thinking they didn't listen to my desire of how I wanted to look at all. I was looking for a very natural result, unfortunatley thats not what I got. I'm 5'3" and 120 lbs. 27" underneith chest and short waisted at that. Now I want a smaller implants, maybe 300cc. Should I still go with high profile? Any suggestions and advice on what to expect are greatly appreciated.

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I'm also petite, 300cc worked well for me.
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I am a small girl, 5'3" 112 lbs. I have had 550 cc McGhan, Silicone Moderate Profile under the muscle implants for 7 years. I had a concentric lift done at the time. I like my breasts, they are just HUGE on me. I have decided to have an implant exchange with another concentric. I want to go down a full size. I dont know which size/shape of implant to go with. I think Im torn between a 400cc HP or a 375 Mod+, opinions, please. I want a full natural look that fits my frame better.

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