Breast Augmentation: How long until I feel normal again?

  • KateMa
  • michigan
  • 4 years ago

I had breast (silicone) augmentation, from cup-size B to C, just over 3 weeks ago. I am wondering a few things.

First, I am wearing a 3" Breast Wrap (by Design Veronique) to help push the breasts lower. The one I have is very uncomfortable. Can someone suggest one that they actually liked wearing. Also, how long did you have to wear?

Second, I'm getting a little sad because I feel so uncomfortable sleeping on my side, hugging my kids, opening a jar. Will I feel normal again? Please tell me your story. Will I always feel slightly uncomfortable?

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I am 2 weeks out from surgery and I too had to wear a chest strap but for only a week. It was soooo painful. Once I got it off I felt much better. But I still have a lot of tightness and some pain on the bottom and side of my right breasts. It may be too early to have a capsule but I fear that a lot. I don't want to have surgery again if that's the case. Is it too early to know? Any suggestions on how to relieve the tightness I have every morning? It does ease up some through the day but every morning I wake up I feel as though my breasts are swollen twice their size.
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Hi CathM, how are you feeling now? Are you happy with your results? It's over a year now from your BA, right? My BA was six weeks ago and I can't sleep on my side, every morning when I wake up they hurt, and sometimes they still feel tight. Are you feeling normal now? How long did it take you? Thank you!!!
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you poor thing! I know how annoying it is but it does get better. I am now 2 years since my initial BA. It took a long time to get used to the extra weight of my implants vs the real deal. I sleep on both sides now and on my back! I still have a capsule on the right side that has been worked on twice, now I am planning a 4th and final surgery to replace the implant in an effort to rid of the hard capsule that keeps forming there. my Left side is Terrific! its soft and feels like the real deal. Be taking some Ibuprofen if you can, for the discomfort. That helps. Also, if they are tight and painful, you may have capsules forming. Ride it out though, they will soften with time and MANIPULATION!! you have to, it helps alot. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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CathM, I had my augment about a year ago and have been feeling great for about 2 months. They are finally part of me. Sounds like you need a good bra! Try a jobst bra or even a good sports bra with covered underwire. I have a Champion that I still LOVE, and I wear a 34F/DD. It has great support and is super comfy. cdt
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