Breast Augmentation with Lift and small arm lift

  • GeorgiaMomma
  • Atlanta
  • 1 year ago

Hello! I am 12 days PO from an extended TT. I am feeling fantastic after a rough start. I lost 85 pounds and have had 2 babies so these surgeries are a "treat" to get my body to match my mindset - thin and attractive! At my heaviest I was a 42D and now am a 36B but its all tissue.

My breasts are just awful but in March I will be having a BA/BL with a small arm lift. My arms are not that bad so the incision will only go to the end of a tshirt I am curious on two things: How would you rate the the pain from this surgery from a TT? I've heard it's not quite as painful as a TT. Is that correct? what is the recovery time? I would have the procedure on a Thursday morning and plan to be back at work on the following Tuesday. Desk job and could work from home if needed. Does this sound like a reasonable time for recovery?   thanks for any feedback!