Breast Augmentation with Lift and small arm lift

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  • 1 year ago

Hello! I am 12 days PO from an extended TT. I am feeling fantastic after a rough start. I lost 85 pounds and have had 2 babies so these surgeries are a "treat" to get my body to match my mindset - thin and attractive! At my heaviest I was a 42D and now am a 36B but its all tissue.

My breasts are just awful but in March I will be having a BA/BL with a small arm lift. My arms are not that bad so the incision will only go to the end of a tshirt I am curious on two things: How would you rate the the pain from this surgery from a TT? I've heard it's not quite as painful as a TT. Is that correct? what is the recovery time? I would have the procedure on a Thursday morning and plan to be back at work on the following Tuesday. Desk job and could work from home if needed. Does this sound like a reasonable time for recovery?   thanks for any feedback!

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Hi! I know it has been a while but I was really curious as to your results and if you were happy with the limited scar arm lift? If possible, do you have any pictures of your scars today that you would be willing to share? It's a procedure I am strongly considering, but I'm really scared / nervous about the arm scars and want to avoid them down the full length of my arm if at all possible (I also live in Atlanta!).
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Very exciting! I hope your TT recovery is going well.

I'm the manager of the mommy makeover community on RealSelf (TT plus breast work all done at the same time), and most women say the TT is way worse.

Thursday to Tuesday, if you have a low key job and all goes well with surgery, sounds pretty reasonable.

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Thanks so much Angie!
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