Is anyone getting Breast Augmentation done in August?

  • Newboobiescomingsoon
  • Redondo Beach, CA
  • 2 months ago

Hi everyone! Im Planning on getting my breast aug. Next month.. Who else is getting them done and where at? :) Right now I have Capsular Contracture at the moment :/

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Here is the link to the July and August 2014 Breast Implant Revision Forum. It will be a bit slow at first, but should pick up as members get closer to their surgery dates. Hope to see you there soon!
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Hi Newboobies, here is a link to a forum of very supportive women who just got their breast implant revisions in May and June of 2014. I just started another forum for July and August will be live soon!

I also found two other members, Mrs 500 and FutureDiazDoll, both of whom will be going a bit larger with their revisions in August. 

I've also sent you a PM on how to start your own review so we can easily find you, track your progress and provide you with support!
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