When will breast drop after breast augmentation re-do?

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  • 4 years ago

Hello, I am 36 5"3, 114lbs and had breast augmentation 10 years ago with saline 375cc. I decided to have them redone because they had moved outwards a lot and I had such a space on my chest and I wanted to go bigger. My doc decided anything bigger than 450cc mod plus silicone would look unatural on my body, so I went with his choice. He filled in the space on my bottom left breast during the surgery. i am concerned so far that the left breast looks saggier than the right, and has much more of a crease. Do You think they will even out when the right one drops, I like the fullness of the right better? Opinions, I meet with the doctor tomorrow? I am wishing I went bigger, I asked the doc the day of surgery if I could have went with 475 but he said he would have needed 2 days notice?

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How have they healed since. I notice your post is quite a few years old. Mine looked the same exact way after surgery and are still the same today. {not happy}
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You're also somewhat restricted with size by your body frame. You sound pretty petite and 475cc's might have been too big for you. I'm just speculating, obviously. It usually takes about a week or two for breast implants to settle into place.

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