What Are Risks of Getting Pregnant Right After Breast Augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation on March 29, 2010 and one month later I took 2 pregnancy test and they came out positive. What are the risks that I need to be aware of please help?

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Breast Augmentation Risks from Pregnancy

Certainly many changes you can result from the process of pregnancy. If varies from person to person. A complete evaluation from a board certified plastic surgeon including review of your prior records, medical history, and review of your surgical notes would be important to both answer your question and guide you to what is required at this point. I would recommend you consider your next surgery after your final pregnancy to avoid similar problems.

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Pregnancy immediately following Breast implant augmentation surgery

The primary concern in related to the medications you were on during the first 8 weeks of gestation. You should discuss this with your gynecologist.

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Risks of becoming pregnant after breast augmentation

Hi there-

There should be no health risk to you or your baby, so be at peace about that....

Obviously, pregnancy will result in hormone related development and engorgement of the glandular elements within the breasts- that is, your breasts will swell with milk, which may stretch your skin and breast tissue out.

This may, in turn, cause a change in the shape of your breasts, which, after the delivery of your baby, you may want to do something about.

You can see by the number of times I used the word "may" that I don't think these are problems you should worry about...

Enjoy your pregnancy and impending motherhood. After the birth of your baby and some time for your body to recover (say 3 months), assess the situation in the mirror and consider your options with the help of your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Pregnancy after breast augmentation

I have had quite a few patients get pregnant after having breast augmentation surgery.  Most of them are still very pleased with  their results. With pregnancy, the breast tissue will swell and after delivery and nursing your baby, you may notice a change in shape/size of your breasts.  This is normal.  It may not be enough of a change to make a difference. Enjoy your pregnancy and your baby. Most likely, everything will end up fine.

Breast augmentation and pregnancy

In my experience, having had a number of patients over the past 30 years who have become pregnant within a few months of augmentation, I don't believe the augmentation has any adverse affects on the breasts. It is well known that pregnancy can create adverse effects on breast such as shrinkage and laxity (these effects will vary from person to person), but in my opinion this is not exacerbated by the augmentation.

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Breast implants and pregnancy

There are no risks to the breast implants because of pregnancy. I disagree that there is a risk of capsule contracture because of pregnancy and implants do not "harden" as one response mentioned. 

It's possible you were pregnant during the breast augmentation procedure and you could be worried about the effects on the fetus from the drugs and anesthetics used during the procedure. Fortunately there is no known effect on the fetus from the use of drugs commonly used in such procedures although in general, if your pregnancy had been known you would have not been cleared for an elective surgical procedure. 

The way to understand the risks to the breasts because of the pregnancy is that they are no different because the implant is there. In properly done breast augmentation, nothing needs to be done to the breast that would effect what happens to it during pregnancy. One possible exception is the use of a periareolar incision which cuts through the breast under the nipple and is one reason I no longer use that approach. Pregnancy and breast feeding has many and varied effects on breasts that can not be known or controlled but are not caused by or prevented by the presence of an implant. 

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Pregnancy after implants

There really are no specific risks with regards to the implants.  Obviously your breast will swell with pregnancy.  The shape may change a bit. Congratulations!

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Risks of getting pregnant right after breast augmentation

The risks are the breasts swell during pregnancy and after they could droop or look hanging. Also capsular fibrosis can occur. But the great side is you are having a baby, how wonderful, I guess the implants did their job. LOL.

Best of Luck from MIAMI Dr. B

Pregnancy shortly after Breast Augmentation

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you are excited about it.

There are NO risks to pregnancy after Breast Augmentation. There may or may not be issues with breast feeding and or some breast sagging after your are done breast feeding. Do not give it a second thought and enjoy this unique period in your life.

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Breast augmentation and pregnancy

There are no real risks to your implants with pregnancy, but you will notice some swelling of the breasts.  You will probably be able to breast feed, if you want to, but there is no guarantee of this even in women who have not had implants.  Good luck, /nsn.

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