Brazilian ButtLift and Clothing

  • Cutekoala in Londooonn
  • Miami
  • 2 years ago

I hope this doesn't sound shallow but I partly wanted to get the surgery done so I could wear different types of clothes, becaue I'm sick of hiding my body because it hardly ever looks good in anything...I just wear baggy things of things that are tight only on one part of the body and loose elsewhere because I can't wear body con or cute leggings, or anythin fashionable. My lack of ass and big boobs also makes me look weird in skinny jeans, unfortunately, so I just wanted to ask about how BBL benefits/changes the choices and options you have in terms of clothes, because thats oen of the things I really want to get out of this... So I just wanted to ask for women who've had the surgery- especially those whose bodies have changed dramatically from very apple shaped to more hourglass or pear shaped, how has it chnaged the clothing that you can wear? I want to be able to wear tighter cltohes, bodycon etc. does the BBL enable that?   Thanks   xxxxxxxx    

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