has anyone had a brazilian butt lift rescently with Dr.Dodds or Dr.Markmann? If so please share.

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  • 2 years ago

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After seeing how great 6ftbeauty looked,I went for a consult & her office is the nicest facility out of all the Many drs I consulted w/ & I connected with her in a better level bc she's a woman so she can better understand what we want. When I walked out of her office I was convinced I was going with her. But... When I left I had so many questions That's y I went to more drs. & the more I researched her & the things she was offering I felt less & less confident about my choice. Please visit my question I asked the drs about fat graft w/ frozen fat. & if u have any questions let me know. 1 more thing - 6 ftbeauty was already beautiful b4 her Sx she just enhanced her so it's hard for some ppl to go off of her result bc most ppl dont look as good as she does pre sx
heard markmann is excellent....but pricey! like 16,000 for bbl
I also so her youtube video but I havent heard anything on her