What was your recovery from a Brazilian butt lift like?

  • sweets423
  • new york
  • 4 years ago

hello everyone... I'm having a butt lift next month would love to here of anyone who has had this done already.. love love pics if you care to share. i am so nervous yet excited. please tell me how you are healing, if you have drains, how long did it take.. i want to know it all share what you wish !!!! thanks in advance

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I had my liposuction w/fat transfer to buttocks two days ago. The recovery thus far has been fairly uncomfortable and I've been very careful about positioning myself sideways to lay down or when sitting. I'm somewhat averse to pain meds though, so have been taking a very small amount of hydrocodone to manage the pain. My butt is very firm to the touch. Bruising has been minimal. There are multiple stick marks where the fat was injected. The fat transfer itself appears to be mostly symmetrical, but does not worry me as I'm aware there is still a lot of swelling. My doctor intentionally placed the fat a bit higher taking into account the fat will shift lower with time. Overall, I'm glad I did it and am confident it was money well spent. The pain though, yes... it feels like I've got a brick in my butt.
Hi there, could you please update us regarding your surgery? Thanks :)