Brazilian butt lift rear view photos....

  • 3tweety1
  • 3 years ago

i wanted to know why most photos shown are not straight on rear view ones? most photos are taken cattied corner where the patient is slight turned. this angle always makes it seem bigger than what it really is? all angles will really help with choosing a physician....

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hey tweety how was your procedure?
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exactly, i would like to see it from all angles though, front, back, side, slightly turned, everyway! LOL...because every angle has a different view and look so i want to see the total package not just one good shot.
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Hi 3tweety1 -- That's a good point. It's important to compare apples to apples though (pardon the pun). In other words, make sure the "before" photo also uses whatever angle is used in the "after" photo.

I think doctors choose this angle not only for the reason you mentioned but also because a lot of patients request a "shelf" effect, which can't really be seen straight-on.

If you haven't already, stop by our Brazilian Butt Lift Photo section, where there are a couple of straight-on photos.

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