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Has anyone had a Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai?

  • classandtact
  • Dubai
  • 2 years ago

I currently live in Dubai but I am from Georgia. I am looking for a surgeon in Dubai that has a successful track record for the BBL. I have been in contact with Dr. Ashok Govila and am thinking about having my procedure with him in March 2012 but would like any other suggestions anyone may have. Thanks.

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Ashok Govila is an excellent doctor. I have had several procedures with him. Also thinking of butt lift after summer with him.
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be carefull he is not board certified, they pulled him to be on tv before he could get it, do your homework please!!!!!

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Thank you. I have seen Dr. Matlock's clinic page for Dubai and will look into it further. I have also consulted with Dr. Ashok Govila and have another consult with Dr. Parashar at Cocoona Clinic this weekend. Thanks again.
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anon5724 went to Dr. Matlock (from "Dr 90210")... apparently he has a clinic in Dubai that he visits. That's the only surgeon I know of in the area.

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