Brazilian Butt Lift with Dr. Constantino Mendieta

  • luckiemama
  • South FLA
  • 2 years ago

Hello ladies! I'm about to lock in my surgery date with Dr. Mendieta. The reason I chose him is because I really love the way he sculpts and contours the body like no other BUT I'm scared that I won't get enough projection :/ So I would like to know if anyone can share pictures of his work. Please let me know if there is anything you would ask for differently to obtain different results. Thank you! 

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i want to know the same thing... i'm looking with you let's share findings b/c he was my top choice
Luckiemama...I just had a consult with him last week, and after discovering this site, I now have the same concerns! And boy does Dr. Salamas price sound really good ( I just learned of him). I want amazing contouring, but I also want projection equally as bad.....I'm really impressed with Mella1's results by Dr. S, and I feel like if he's able to deliver those results with me, I should def save the 3k, I would be paying with Dr. M, and go with Dr. S. Since you had your BBL, can you give me any pointers, guidance, or suggestions, I'm so torn....Thanks in advance

Hi luckiemama -- Not sure if you've seen this yet but here's a list of all of Dr. Mendieta's reviews on RealSelf. Hope this helps with your decision. Good luck!