Brazilian Butt Lift Dr Campos

  • HaitianBeauty
  • 2 years ago

Hey y'all, I'm interested in getting the Brazilian butt lift done by Dr Campos in Mexico or Dr Jimmerson in Atlanta.... I want this procedure done soooooooooooo bad!!! I'm so insecure with my body! I'm 5'0 140... I'm pretty proportioned out but I just don't have a butt!!! My legs look great tho :) I'm interested in dr campos because his work looks great and pricing is VERY reasonable!!! Dr Jimmerson is great too but they quoted me $9000 :-/ has anyone had any work done by either docs???? Please let me knoww

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I am 12 days post op with Dr. Campos's talented work. Go to my profile, hit reviews and you will see my before and after pics. I'll post more in a day or 2. But you can se the WONDERS tha man did for me! Hope that helps :)
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I got a quote from Dr J down in Atlanta.. Aziza is cool. She sent updates of her pics and another girl in the office named Michelle. I decided to go to TJ to Dr. Campos... you can find many ppl who rate both docs on here and Good Luck 2 ya!!
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Here's another thread about Dr. Campos that might help. A few of the girls here have been to him.

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