Brazilian Butt Lift... Which Way To Go!!! Please Help Me!

  • keyonna510
  • Toronto, ON
  • 3 years ago

Hello Everyone... I am a Mulatto woman, that stands at about 5'7 , 5'8ish, I weigh about 218-225... I am very well proportioned, but I have gained an excessive amount of weight, after I broke my ankle last may... Now, with that being said, So I went for my first consultation Ever! I have always been extremely insecure with my body and also my butt... I do not feel confortable in my own skin at all!!! I told my doctor and also sent him pictures of myself, and pictures of the women that I would kind of in sense want to look like... well, body wise... So, My doctor stated to get the look that I want... Brazilian Butt Lift which is a basically a nice BIG ROUND Juicy BOOTY, he said in his opinion is to have the procedure done twice... 3months apart... Quoted* $11'000 * at that point he would work on my back i pressume upper and lower back... and inject that portion of fat into my back... 3months later, I would go back, and have my tummy, hips and abdominal area done, i think those are the areas he would then target... and again have that injected into my cheeks... My other option was, to have everything done at once, which was Quoted * $8500.00 * He seemed like a real nice educated doctor, But i Know 2 always get a second, third or 4th opinion... is this true? or can i do everything all at once... that which was quoted 8500.00 my upper and lower back hips and stomach, love handles," abdominal, or saddlebag areas, uno... like all areas at once, and have him inject all the fat into each cheek? he says i will loose some of the fat, because injecting fat into an area at a high level my body will re-absorb it... at this point, i dnt know what to do... I have looked over every bodies stories and results, and everyone looks great! Nice Big Round Booties! But also, all done in the states... At this point I am so overwhelmed with everything and what people are telling me... I dont know what to do, or which route to take... I heard it it safe to do the procedure seperately... I also know people do everything at once... I really dont want to spend over $11000 on my butt... as I am a student, or also, killin myself either doing everything at once... please if you can, respond with a detailed opinion, it would really mean alot to me... thx a million.... Keyonna kisses

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Hi Keyonna -- Welcome to RealSelf!

I think you should absolutely get a second opinion; it'll either make you more confident in your first doctor, or it'll give you other options.

Did he say why he had to do it in two stages? The only time I've heard of that is if you want more than they can take out in one session (5L, I think?) but that's pretty rare.