Bras for recovery?

  • MommaMakeover
  • 2 years ago

My PS told me to buy some 100% cotton, front closure, non underwire bras for my recovery time.  Where to buy from?  The PA said Wal-Mart carries some, but I hate to be cheap.  Are those really ok, or should I order some special surgial recovery bra? Thanks!

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The best bras to buy for all occasions, are Platex & WonderBra Bras and they should be full cup type bras and without the underwire. I highly recommend them as they are the best on the market. Sports bras do not really have have any proper support. They are only made for sports and nothing else. Otherwise you have have more problems and pain than you want. I know as I have been a Healer for 14+ years.
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I think a lot of ladies go with sports bras in general. Hopefully some will chime in and tell you what brands are good!

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I looked all over and ended up purchasing from Wal-Mart. They are very simple "T-shirt" bras that hook in the front. They look and feel great. I'm not sure if they are called sports bras, although I think I did a search for sports bras. (Since I am now a 42D, I needed to order online.) I am still wearing them 6 months later, as well as some bras I got at Fashion Bug. I had considered getting more of the surgical bras, but both my surgeon and PA told me that those were no longer necessary. I do still wear them occasionally, but not for any particular reason.
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