Bras After Explant

  • fritz
  • 1 year ago

I was curious to know if anyone has tried the Genie Bra, or others similar for post-explant? My breasts are still full, as I had small implants just to compensate for sagging after breast feeding. Wondering if the Genie Bra might be a comfortable choice for daytime and sleeping. Thanks!

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I think they are not suitable for big breasts - the people who dont like them seem to be bigger chested. But since you have them in a store near you, why dont you go try one on and see?

That's just what i had with my capsules...he said too thin to remove anyway.

I know what you mean about this site being a great help, I dont think I would have coped very well without people on here who understand! Hugs Fritz, let me know what you think of the bra! x
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BTW.....I meant to ask....are those Genie Bras and Ahh Bras acceptable for larger Bret's after explant? I still have large C's to small D cups, as my implants were just to add a slight amount of fullness lost from breast feeding. Can larger breasted women get by with those, after recovery period is complete?
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Thanks for the report! I saw some at a retail store, but didn't buy. I had textured saline implants, so they didnt do a capsulectomy, and I had the most minimal capsule, I was classified as Baker 1. I'm wearing a fairly snug sports bra during the day, and additionally an even more constrictive sports bra at night to sleep. It's been two weeks now, and I'm hoping after there is no longer irritation at the incision site under my breast, I can wear something that allows me to breathe! LOL. Since I had minimal capsule and no capsulectomy, the docs think whatever scar tissue was left will dissolve in the next few months. Thank you so much for your interaction, and advice. I no longer feel so alone on this journey!
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Hi Fritz, I love the genie bra! I posted about it here:

Just be aware though that it wouldnt be suitable for right after surgery because you need something really tight then (like a macom or a sports bra) so that everything is held firmly to encourage healing, which the genie bra couldnt do. It is also a pull on type like a t-shirt and since you have to be careful lifting your arms at first it could be a problem.

I started wearing mine during the day about 1.5 weeks post op, and a sports bra at night. (I showed my surgeon and he said it was ok).

I really recommend getting the genie bra with pads because it gives a good boost and without the pads it strangely seems to do the opposite - kind of minimising breasts!
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