Braces or Veneer?

  • elicitor
  • 2 years ago

I planned to have braces a few months ago. I am 24 this year. I went to a dentist which i think is qualified to handle my teeth because he/she has registered in a dentistry board in Malaysia. I went to them, and the lady (orthodontic) told me the whole cost of my treatment would take about 4-5k. And i ask again, is it inclusive any hidden cost? and she said yes, 4-5k with all treatment. So i agreed on it. But guess what? On the 1st treatment, i was asked to have molding and x-ray, which cost me about RM250, which i think still ok. The 2nd treatment involved extraction of 2 tooth, the dentist just decide and extract 2 tooth, without explaning, and i was charged for RM590 and that is too over! (because the most reasonable price would range from RM 80- RM 100 per tooth extracted) so i confronted the dentist 2 days later. He (maxillofacial surgeon) said RM590 inclusive part of the brace treatment, so i believed. On the 3rd treatment, I was asked to pay RM800 for extracting 2 tooth and putting 2 metal braces on my teeth. I was shocked with the price again. So i asked how much should i be bringing for the next treatment, she (receptionist/nurse) replied roughly 4k will do. And i will need to pay 2k gradually during period of treatment. so that would add up to RM7.69k. That is very dishonest of them.

Worst still, i have visited another dentist later because i have the rubber band (which are suppose to be placed in between my teeth with the purpose to broaden the gap between them a little, so that the metal braces can be placed in between the 2 teeth later) has dropped off from the gap between 2 neighbouring tooth. And it is too far for me travel back to the couple dentist. The dentist asked how old i am when he saw me. I answered 24 years old. And he said i wasn't suppose to take brace treatment for my ages, instead i should take veneer (porcelain stick on my tooth and i will need to extract 2 incisor tooth because the size is too big, and it wouldn't looks nice on a lady). Furthermore, he mentioned that the previous maxillofacial surgeon and the orthodontic lady were trying to make me spend more by having me undergo braces treatment. He said it is not advisable for a lady as old as me (older than 18 years old) to receive brace treatment now, because we have missed the puberty phase, thus the bone will not grow / grow very little by now. After the brace treatment, the tooth can become misaligned very easily and veneer would be the final treatment after that. It means even if i received brace treatment now, i will need to undergo veneer treatment (maxillofacial treatment) later. Thus, i will need to pay more if i were to start from braces. So the dentist were suggesting why not i start from veneer treatment (takes only 3 months) instead of braces--> then veneer treatment (cost more money and time).

So i am now in a confused state:
1) Am i still eligible to take braces treatment, given my ages now (24 years old)??
2) Is veneer better than braces, given to my ages now (24 years old)??
3) I saw there are many bad reviews on veneer, is it really that bad? Or it is all depends the experience of the dentist who will be working on the veneer on patients.
4) Is there any other alternative treatment i can consider besides braces and veneer treatment??

** I have 4 tooth (all premolar, 2 on left up and left down and 2 on the right) removed now. I am so regret for not searching pertinently before i take action.
And now i have lost 4 precious and healthy tooth.

Please help me if there is any expert/dentist here. I am so depressed now. I have no idea which dentist to trust now.