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Getting Braces Off in Two Weeks

  • bellabooicu
  • 11 months ago

Well I am getting my braces off in two week but, I have noticed that one of my top teeth is not totally straight. Not many people have noticed or said anything but, I do feel if I get my braces off it will be more noticeable. I heard from a friend that the retainer could easily fix it since they fix shifting, etc. so.. I should just get my braces off? Or should I wait another month or so..? I want the braces off as soon as possible. 

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Congratulations on almost getting your braces off!!!  That's huge :).  You might consider asking your question of the doctors in Q&A section.  Good luck!

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By the way, I should have said this before, but you are more likely to get a response from the doctors if you include a picture--since otherwise they are guessing based on very little data, and doctors aren't fond of guessing ;).  If you wanted to add a picture to your question, you can either just make a new question with the picture, or you can contact me directly and we can get that squared away for you.  Good luck!

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