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  • 2 years ago

Thanks to a RealSelf member, I came across this link to an online bra size calculator (with a convertor and international measurements as well.)

Looks handy! What size are you?

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I've never known a bra size calculator to be so inaccurate! It says I'm a 34AA! lol I checked in mirror I was keeping the tape measure straight! I only ever fit comfortably in 32C, whether padded or not, sometimes I've found totally un supportive bra's I can just about fit in a B, but also it says im 34 - Even with a 32 bra I have ot do it on tightest link otherwise it feels loose. Very odd that M&S say that's the best calculator.
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it was wrong for me
Lol...I just got 390/371cc implants and this calculator says I'm a 34AA as well...I don't think so!
If you are hooking your bra on the tightest setting in a 32 you probably need to go down to a 30 or possibly even a 28 band. That calculator was so wrong for me. It said 34C when I am really a 30FF and my breasts are about average size.
This bra size calculator is actually inaccurate. If you measure 32in underbust and 37in bust that is a 5in difference with a band size of 32. A=1in B=2in C=3in D=4in DD=5in so size 32DD. Old fashioned measuring puts most women in too small a cup and too large of a band. Check the Bra Band Project to see accurately measured sizes.
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I did the link and it says 34C on it says I'm a 32DD....? I have a 30'' rib measurement and 37'' bust. I think I'm going to go to Nordstrom and get measured. My Dr said I should be around my finial size right now. Sizing is confusing for me
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To find your bra size subtract your ribcage measurement from your bust. That will give you your cup size and you put that directly on your ribcage number rounded to the nearest even number. So for you 37-30=7. Each inch is a cup size 1=A 2=B 3=C 4=D 5=DD 6=E 7=F. Cup size F and since you have a 30 ribcage cage your bra size is 30F.
Ive been fitted and am 32DDD or 32F(same as 32DDD) and coming out of the top... what is the next size from that??
Awesome link, thanks! It says I'm a 34DD right now, but I'm only a little over 3 wks post op. Definitely will keep this link handy =)
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No way is this correct. I'm only 5 days post-op so I know my size will change. But right now this calculator has me at a 38 B and I'm wearing an XL sports bra and it's tight!
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I don't know, this link seems to measure small. According to other sites and being measured at a top lingerie shop, I'm a 34DDD. This says I'm a 36D. All of my D cup bras are WAY too small now, so I'm not convinced this is accurate.
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Just looked at the bra size calculater, even though I just had my op 5 days ago I am wearing a surgical bra which is 36D which fits perfectly at the moment but according to my measurements I am a 36C.
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Ladies- pre BA I was a 12 b/c I grabbed a couple of sports tops off eBay in a 12 DD the ones that have two double hook bra clips, one around the chest and one higher up, they also have adjustable straps. No wires at all , just a sports crop top ( st Isla brand $18.00 ea incl post to aust). Then I purchased some double hook bra extenders also on eBay $2.50.. Have I painted a picture here? These have shrunk with me as the swelling has subsided and I am guessing I will use these as gym tops in a couple of months with a full support sports bra underneath.. ;-) jj
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32 AA. lol, so sad
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Me too....but only for 1 more week!
Our practice annually does hundreds of breast implant surgeries and we do not recommend bras after surgery as they place stress on the incisions and can cause irritation and rarely fit properly. The bra does not effect the result of the surgery, the surgeon, technique, implant choice and healing do. If one of out patients must wear a garment for comfort we recommend a Coobie (one size fits all) or camisole, but no tight elastic or underwire bra is recommended.
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Is a cami like shelf bra ok? I have been using a "Barely There" cami when out in public as my nipples are on the larger side and show through most clothing. My PS said no bras for I think 3 or 6 months and then no underwire for a year. But I have to cover my nipples somehow. I had nipple work so those stick on covers are out of the question I believe.
The coobie bras are the best! I prurchased 3 for after my BA and they fit perfectly. The band is so soft and has not irritated my incision site at all! Also, they have a promo, by 3 and get $20 off ( you might have to search for the coupon code)
Is there anyway to guesstimate the size bra you will need for right after surgery, I normally wear a 36A and wanted to have a few extra zip front sports bras on hand but not sure what size to get? I'm getting 400cc silicone under, should I get a 36D to accommodate swelling or what?? Help, lol!
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I wanted the same thing after surgery. But I found out that the breast isn't "pliable" yet. The implants will still be high & you'll still be swollen & possibly bruised. So I got sport bras that I could step into that would stretch. Bc the zip ups seemed to stiff & they actually were very uncomfortable. So I settled for the sports bras that had thin straps that I could easily slip into. I think champion makes them. Hope that helps
Thanks, I bought one of the zip front Danskin bras in 36D and it was too tight for the first week, but it is ok now 10 days post op. I have a pull on one that I actually like much better though.
Awesome!!! Glad u have one u like. No one ever tells use how crazy difficult it is to find one :)
I was a 36A before my op and when I went to get my surgical bra the lady told me to get 36C but instead I got the 36D and glad I did cause I have a lot of swelling and it fits perfectly at the moment. Always remember there is swelling and you will have stitched so you don't want anything tight. I am very happy with the 36D as it is not tight at all and fits perfectly. Good luck!!
Howdy. My patients have the same questions about bra fitting with or without augmentation, or after breast cancer. Nordstrom does a great job for all our patients. For an online resource, check out our resource page at
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Thanks for the info. I had my BL BA the end of February. Waiting to get my first measurement.
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