BR next week....I'm excited and scared!

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  • 2 years ago

I have my BR next week---May 25th. I changed from an HMO to a PPO and the process of getting it approved was fast and easy. I only saw two doctors and I really like the second PS..the surgery is only 1.5 months after first visit. Now....I'm nervous. I went to a pre-op appoint last week and the PS had me sign some forms and explained the risks of procedure. I started this right for me? I'm a 40J and want to be a 40D....My PS estimate about 1000 gm from each breast. When he told me it was about 4.5lbs....I was shocked. No wonder my back and shoulder hurt!

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I'm having mine done five days after my 46th b.d. I'm terrified. I use to be a 34D, now I'm a G... I'm so scared.
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Same here they say I can go for surgery on the 7th of May. I'm 38 with a 44G
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I'm having mine done in July 30th... five days after my 46th b.d. I am terrified.
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Oh God I 'm so sore and in pain I had my 4 days ago and is very painful I have about 1000 g in each breast very painful but it looks really small now and I 'm loving it
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LOL that is so funny. I have had the same thought this week too. But know that my anxiety would increase not decrease, so went in and paid the balance.
UK is a bit different in terms of insurance etc. and NHS dont do this as much as they used to.
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Thank you for the update. I have my surgery 2 weeks today and am a little anxious to say the least.
This helped enormously nad made me excited about the whole thing again.
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Its exciting and scary....I actually considered postponing my surgery because the whole process moved so fast and I thought maybe I should shop around more for plastic surgeons.
I decided on the second plastic surgeon and he scheduled the surgery the next month during our initial consultation. I'm glad I followed my first instinct and would highly recommend my doctor to women in the DMV area... Dr. Eric Chang, Columbia, Maryland.

I'm so glad I did it and I know you will be too.
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I have to say that the BR was the best decision I could have made. I love my new boobs. It has been about 6 weeks and I'm still healing without any problems. I took 3.5 weeks off----I could have went back at 2.5 weeks easily. My family and friends have been sister is a little jealous.

My doctor told me that he removed about 6 lbs total----I forgot to get the exact grams. I went from a 40J or 40GG (Elomi or Goddess Bras) to a 42D....the 40 band feels too tight, maybe its the brand. That is exactly the size I wanted. It's crazy....but when I looked at them I could have sworn they were smaller than a D-Cup. I still feel that my breast look small. I guess after a J Cup, a D cup would be small. I'm just happy I can find bras in the stores and my breast fit perfectly in tops. Also, I have no more back or shoulder pain.

After 6 weeks, I still feel little sore. Its not very comfortable to sleep on my stomach. I was running after my dog, and didn't like the feeling of my breast bouncing. My doctor told me I can ease back into workouts....and should get a good workout bra.

My scars aren't too bad. I think most of them will be go away completely. I'm black and was definitely concerned about keloids. I got some cocoa butter with vitamin E therapy oil....I don't know if it will help but I guess it wont hurt.

My final thoughts are if you are considering a BR due to very large breast and pain.....go see a plastic surgeon!

My BR was covered by BC/BS Fed Employee (standard option)...I live in Maryland. I had to pay $350 deductable first and then 15 percent of acceptable cost. So far....I've been billed about $ paying about $7500. I'm getting separate bills from the hospital, lab and anesthologist. I haven't received a bill from the plastic surgeon....but called and found out the cost for my BR was $5600. I'm a little confused if I will be billed for that because the Explaination of Benefits (for the hospital) listed the surgery at $5200....I don't know if that is the cost for the operating room or the surgery. I should be getting bills from the providers soon. Anyway...I feel that this is a bargain. My HMO wouldn't refer my to a plastic surgeon. I just wanted people to know that if they are approved by insurance....PPO and HMO costs are very different. You may be responsible for deductibles and coinsurance costs....but it certainly is cheaper than paying for the whole thing.

I'm rambling....but I hope this helps. Good luck to everyone that is going through this process. It's so worth it.
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I am two weeks out from my surgery. OMG the difference a couple of weeks make!! Feeling more myself since the surgery! Sleeping well, still get tired a little quicker than normal. Incisions are settling nicely. Was a little worried about incisions after i was allowed to remove tape/steri-strips. However - the scarring looks and feels better on a daily basis now. Hang in there! Days 3-5 were my hardest - it gets better from there. Hey! I painted my toenails yesterday without having my boobs stuffed under my chin!! The simple things you were never able to do are amazing now! Good luck!
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I had my BR surgery 3 days ago. I feel much better everyday...but it was serious pain the first day. My boobs look really small....i asked my PS will they be a D cup. He said yes.....but I don't know. I get the drains taken off on Tuesday, because Monday is a holiday.

I'm just resting and watching tv.
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You will not be able to see any final results for a while so just hang tight. 

Rest, ice and pain meds are all you need to focus on right now.  It will feel better once the drains are out.  Did he say how much he removed?

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Thanks for words of encouagement. I'm getting my house. I will keep you posted.
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Yes that would be why you hurt:)   Darn breasts anyway..LOL

You will feel amazing after surgery.  Light and perky!  The nerves and self doubt are all normal right now but they will pass.  Just hang tight and soon you will be through surgery.

The minute you sit up in recovery you will notice a big difference.  I was so happy and excited when I woke up.  I tried to jump right off the table to take a look.  The nurse had to hold me down. 

This is not a bad recovery and you will be back up in no time at all.  You will feel refreshed and perky and glad you did it.  Who would think that boobs could cause so many problems.

Keep me up to date on how you are doing.
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