BR with Small Implant Possible?

  • Nurse08
  • MidWest
  • 2 years ago

I am 5'5 150 and a 34DD, athletic built frame. I run marathons, yes with these tata's attached to me ugh! But am looking to have a BR with a small implant put in for shape and fullness. Has anyone read or had their PS suggest this? I really would love to have perky breast with a wonderful shape. Any comments are welcome :-)

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I have a friend who did this. Most because what she had before was a lot of loose skin. If you have a lot to work with now, you won't need an implant. The reduction will give you the fullness you need! I have pictures of before and after on my review if you look in my profile.
Hi hope u will be happy with your surgery . Good luck ! When is your surgery ?