If BR covered by insurance, do they care about the cosmetic aspect?

  • Kimmy Rose
  • 1 year ago

I'm 20 years old and am seriously considering a breast reduction. I am a 32 DDD and I am dealing with constant pain and discomfort. I have not had a consultation yet for surgery but I plan to within the next few months. The only way I could have this surgery, at this time in my life, is if it is covered by my insurance (I am paying for school loans and such). To those of you who have had the surgery and were covered by insurance, were your cosmetic needs taken care of? As much as I want my breast size reduced, I still care about what they look like. I dont want to look like I just breastfed 10 children when I am just starting out on life. Please share your experience!!!

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Yes, BR is performed by a plastic surgeon, and they care a great deal about making them look nice. I had your size, the pain, and saggy breasts at your age too. However, I tolerated them because it was important to me to breastfeed my future children. Now, I'm 35, I've had the kids, and I'm glad I didn't have surgery until I was done having kids, because the pregnancy would have ruined my " fixed" breasts- I went from a DDD to a K ( and that was 3 months afterwards when they shrank quite a bit), because they didn't make bras bigger than a K in any nursing bra I could order, as I was still only 34 band size. With many insurances, you regular Dr has to refer you to a Plastic Surgeon ( even that has to go through it's own approval process). Some insrances, you consult with plastic surgeon, and they work with your primary care dr ( or maybe sometimes alone??) to get approval for surgery if they think you are a candidate--however, I would not trust a PS that said they will have to wait until the actual surgery to see if they can remove enough to get it covered. At least talk with a Dr and get all the facts before you make your decision. Good luck!:)