BR and back/neck pain

  • lisafergi
  • 2 years ago

Hi all,   I've been reading posts for awhile while I've been considering whether to get a BR or not.  Well, I finally made up my mind and am scheduled for January 15th (decided to wait until after the holidays).  I am a 32E, but am mainly doing the BR because of three years of consistent upper back and neck pain.  I have been on muscle relaxers and non-narcotic pain meds consistently and see a chiropracter and PT.   I am hoping to hear from others who have been through BR after back pain and what kind of results they have had.  I'm really hopeful this will make a difference for me!   Thanks!

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My back and neck pain was my motivating factor. I still am having some back pain near my right shoulder blade but think that's more to sleeping on my back for 4+ weeks now and not naturally moving while sleeping (I am a side sleeper.) Have been able to sleep a bit on my side and it seems to be getting better. I no longer have the neck shoulder strain pain/headaches that I used to get non-stop.
Hi lisafergi, I too had the pains you describe and i also had years of physiotherapy and painkillers. As soon as I came out of my op i noticed all my pain had gone!! At 4 hours post op i sat up in bed and my neck felt so loose and free i thought it was on springs! I have had no more pain as I am not carrying all that weight on my front anymore. It will make a big difference but only if your pain is due to the boobs and not anything else such as a car accident or any kind of physical trauma. My pain in my neck and upper back was 90% due to my boobs and (10% from a car accident but i knew the difference) now I am 9 weeks post op and I have some aches but thats age (!) and my car accident. The boob issues which cause so much pain has totally gone. BR is well worth having. Good luck in January x x
So great to read this. I have chronic neck pain and I cannot wait for relief! I love hearing stories that people come out if the Op room and immediately feel relief! Can't wait for November 16th! Woo hoo!