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  • natasha0220
  • Fremont, CA
  • 3 years ago

Hello All, I scheduled my BR for July 25th. I have 2 kids 1 - 6 year old and  2nd - 20 months.  I am hiring help and husband is home too. He is out of job right now and looking.  I am very nervous. Please advise. I am a 36DDD/E. My only concern is how my kids will take it as I play/entertain thema  lot. Thanks Natasha

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Thanks a lot. This information really helps. Initially i scheduled my br for July 22nd and after reading posts that said first 3 days are horrible, i din't want my kids to see me in bad shape. Hence postponed to monday July 25th.
Thank you
Nice to hear from someone with a date in July for BR. Mine is 20th and I have exactly the same concerns!
Eeeek, 11 days to go.....

The breast reduction is not A bad recovery.  Yes you will be sore, swollen and very bruised but the worst part of the process is the first three days post op.  By two weeks you will be feeling pretty well.  And one month you will feel really good.

You will be able to play with the kids but will need to be cautions and just go a little easier for a while.  No heavy lifting for about a month. 

It sounds like you have all of your help lined up for afterward so that is wonderful.  Pamper yourself the first week:)

Don't be nervous because everything will be fine.  You will feel wonderful and be happy with your new and lighter breasts.