Bowel cleanse

  • mommyES
  • 1 year ago

Anyone else have to do this? My plastic surgeon wants me on stool softener several days before my tt, a laxative (miralax) the night before, and an enema morning of. Additionally, I'm on a liquid diet after lunch the day before my surgery. It seems a bit excessive to me. The last time I had to do an enema, I had diarrhea for 48 hours following. It also left me feeling kind of funny, dizzy, kind of...hard to explain. So I'm worried the "cleanse" my surgeon wants could be a recipe for disaster...or at least bad, bad diarrhea and cramping. I guess I'm curious, how necessary is the enema? I'm thinking of either skipping it, or instead of doing a fleet enema, just using warm water. I feel like that would be much more gentle on my bowel. The last thing I want is to need to get up and run (literally!) to the bathroom all of the time the first day or two after my surgery!

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