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Botox does wear off faster if you exercise

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  • Birmingham, AL
  • 2 years ago

Good news for those who do not like their Botox results...and bad news for those who do. I happen to love Botox and I'm so sad with how fast it has worn off for me. Mine has only lasted 2 months and it is almost completely gone! I do work out rigorously and intensely 6 days a week. I also drink a lot of water. Just wanted to pass this info on. I'm going to get a full treatment again in a month and I'll update how long it lasts the second time.

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There are many positive responses I have heard for Botox treatments from people. One of my friend had frown line treatment using Botox and it's true that he is looking younger then before now.
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I found this article about a Doctor whose antibiotics for her bladder infection made her botox wear off in a few days;

I thought it was interesting and some may find the list of things that make botox wear off faster very helpful!

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Thanks for that article I had botox for the first time three days has 12.units to tread forehead lines I'm 27 and tho doesn't look that bad I now have slight hooded eye lids and want this stuff out of my body I lived my big eyes and went to a make up artist for tricks while I wait. But thanks for that article link all the things they sat don't do so it last longer, I'm going to do and have it go away faster :). I'm never doing it again I was happier before It

I have had botox two times and each time they lasted about 4 months. I am not that big of a workout person, but I have noticed that when I do not have regular shots, I get headaches and tense in my forehead (that is where I have had botox- forhead between my eyes) My forehead gets so tight that it´s hard to relax now. I realize that is due to it wearing off but it feels like now I have to get it regularly which is scarey- otherwise by 6 months it´s so tense in my forehead. Does anyone else have this problem or have heard about it?

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Megan, I have also read that if you get Botox injections regularly they will begin to last longer. Thats my plan :) I'll let you know what happens.
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Yes please do! I know some people build up a tolerance over time, interesting how everyone's body reacts a bit differently to the same substance.

Another community member had mentioned this in their review also! When she mentioned it, it was the first I had heard about it. I had Botox in September & am an avid gym attender also - every morning before the office- and mine was gone in 3 months. I think there still may be some very trace signs of it, but overall it seems like its gone. I'm happy though, cause I had bags pop out under my eyes when it was active. I'll probably do it again, just not sure yet.

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