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Has anyone tried botox for sweaty hands, feet?

  • Joanie
  • 6 years ago

I am considering trying Botox for hyperhidrosis (sweaty hands and feet). I would love to hear about anyones experience.

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Botox injections are an effective treatment for hyperhydrosis of the palms, axillae (underarms), and feet. It's best to have a consult and evaluation with a skilled injector to discuss the severity of your issue, and to plan for the best and longest lasting results.
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Botox for the hands does work, BUT do not get treated if every part of your palm does not get treated. Each of my hands were supposed to get about 100 units injected for a total of 200 units, yet I can only afford 55 units per hand; this is not fun. The botox works perfectly in the treated areas, but in different parts of my hands there are sweaty sticky areas simply because those areas were not treated. If you can cough up a couple grand and get your entire palm treated, then do it.

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Botox works great to stop sweaty palms. Many people just prefer to do one hand. Of course the shaking hand is chosen hand for obvious reasons. Some patients place their hand in a surgical glove filled with Emla cream for one hour prior to the procedure. This gives a nearly totally numb hand. Add a little ice pack and this Botox can be injected nearly pain free.Botox Melbourne Australia
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You can find more information here:

Botox injections for foot sweating
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Hi, I used to work in a dermatology clinic. Yes Botox can be used for hyperhidrosis, and it's a covered INS benefit if you can prove that all other treatment on the symptom has not worked. You should consult with your primary care and then to a dermatologist. I know many of the patients treated using botox were happy with the result.
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