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BOTOX RESISTANCE? Facts or fiction - read on

  • Veritas Semper
  • 1 year ago

I've read the postings from these experienced cosmetic/plastic/dermatologists relating to their opinions on botox ineffectiveness. As empirical data is the best assessment, I am sharing direct observation and experience with you relating to my husband's experience with botox. His first treatment, administered by a high skilled botox nurse injector, to his deep glabellar lines and was 100% effective (20 units I believe). Second treatment, by a dermatologist, three years later, FAILED 100% - no effect whatsoever. Third treatment, by a cosmetic surgeon, 9 months subsequently, provided a modicum of effect. Can anyone explain this?  Over 40 units was administered to glabeller and forehead. Injection placement, number of units, musculature, male/female...any insights or recommendations? Thank you.