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Botox Migrated to Neck?

  • Lola22
  • Merrick, NY
  • 3 years ago

Hi Everyone, I had Botox a few months ago. After 3 days, one side of my neck, gland area, swelled up and I felt like I had an itchy throat & as though it was hard to swallow. After a few hours it went away and then I was beyond 100% happy with the results. Now the Botox had worn off and I would love to get it again but Im afraid that I will have a worse reaction than last time. The last person who injected me was a nurse practioner, so I was wondering if maybe she injected it wrong and it migrated to my neck? I was also exercising alot that day.   Thanks for any advice      

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Hi Lola,

Californiadiva experienced migration, but in this case it was with Juvederm. You might want to check out their review and see if it helps.


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