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What makes Botox leave faster?

  • red1234
  • davenport
  • 4 years ago

I do not like the effects of my last injection. I am having terrible dreams, my heart races, and I feel scared and weak.

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Hi red, 

Other community members have mentioned working out a lot, green tea and vitamins have helped filter the Botox out of their system faster. Hope that helps.


Hi Red, Sorry to hear about your side effects that you are attributing to your Botox injections. I have never had a patient or heard of a patient with similiar symptoms. You should consult with your internist to make sure that something else is causing your symptoms. If there is no other cause, you can speak to your physician about possibly taking medication to relieve your symptoms. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
Are you serious, Dr. Persky??? You have NEVER heard of a patient with similar symptoms?? Have you read the COMMON side effects of Botox???? I suggest reading some of the posts here so that you can find out what people are actually experiencing when they get this poison injected. The symptoms that red 1234 wrote about are experienced by MANY people.
Absolutely......I am another sufferer with the same symptoms and many more!!!
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Botox actually has been studied in pregnant mice, rats and rabbits. The babies of mice and rats were born with low birth weights and/or delayed bone development. Pregnant rabbits who received Botox injections fared even worse, miscarrying or delivering babies with severe malformation or even dying themselves.
These doctors are trained from "Big Pharma". Theyr'e brainwashed!!!