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Botox Jaw Reduction - Boston, MA area.

  • Renuvas
  • 8 months ago

A bit of history - Roughly 8-9 years ago I was a growing teenager experiencing alot of poping and tension in my Jaw when I ate and sometimes even just talking. Being stubborn and knowing everything I needed to know about everything, I thought it was a growth spurt and a part of growing and ignored it. Well, fast forward to roughly 7 months ago, and boy was I wrong. I now have an over sized left jaw muscle and was told by my Dentist that I grind my teeth at night. I was fitted for a night guard and have been using it whenever I go to bed. It has reduced the size of the muscle in the first month, but it has tapered off and I've seen no change in size over the last 6 months. I'm wondering if a Botox Jaw Reduction would help in reducing the size of the muscle on the left side. If so, would anyone recommend a Doctor in the Boston, MA area? Everywhere I've contacted in Massachusetts has said they do not do this procedure. I feel asthough my options are running thin and would greatly appreciate some advice. Thanks!

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