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Where Can I Have Botox Done in Seoul, South Korea?

  • kaliber411
  • Seoul South Korea
  • 2 years ago

I can actually live with the forehead wrinkles but the baggage underneath my eyes really looks awful to me. The crows feet are severe as well. It looks as though my cheek pushes into my lower eyelid and overtime has created many wrinkles. I"m not 100 percent sure what can be done and I am using retin A.

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How did it go? Are you happy with the results? I'd love to know where you went and how much it cost?
I received 25 injections of botox in the forehead and for my crows feet. I believe this included 1 very minimal shot under each eye. I'll post pictures in 4-5 days. I'm unsure how many units were used.
Wow, so nice to hear someone who understands. Thank you for the advice.

Sure thing - if you do get something done come back & tell us about it! :)


I totally feel for you - I have the same thing, with the crows feet that are very much accentuated when I smile & my cheeks push up...I guess we need to focus on the fact that we have smiled a lot over the years...but don't you just hate those wrinkles?!!

Here is a Q&A I posted. I think the answers the doctors gave will be helpful to you too:

"Would Having Juvederm, or Another Filler, Injected into my Upper Cheeks Take Care of These Wrinkles?"

If you decide to get Botox get a really good injector, and be wary of getting injections under the eyes, as they caused bags under my eyes when I smiled. The sides looked amazing, absolutely no wrinkles, but the under eyes weren't so good.