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had 1st botox ever in mid june for 11s but went back 10 days later for touch up as minimal improvement showing to11s

  • Byebye11s
  • Kamloops, BC
  • 3 months ago

they are not deep, but very noticeable, starting to look grouchy.not visible when gently pull forehead skin back.1st botox cosmetic injection June 15th to 11s area by plastic suregeon$175 per 11s area. After1st visit,tingling in superficial dermis for 5 days and very little botox results appeared after 7 days. touchup 11s were almost completely gone still a fair bit of movement in 11s area 4-5 weeks later LOT movement in 11s but very little movement in the areas around which are wrinkle free now

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My question is do I need more Botox ? I don't know how many units I've had total. Based on what ive read it seems there is a lot more movement in that area then there should be ? Was it too superficial the 1st time ? Incorrect placement ? Old product ? If I need more shd I go back now or do I have to wait until 3 months is up ? Which would be in 8 weeks ...