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Botox to correct eyebrow ptosis?

  • LipoDancer
  • Denver, CO
  • 4 years ago

The doctor I went to about correcting my minor eyebrow ptosis (member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, & American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery plus others) suggested trying botox first.

When I pull the eyebrow up (arrow 1) it seems to correct what I see in the mirror (drooping eyelid up top). The doctor wants to put the botox in where arrow 3 is. I'm almost thinking that he's seeing something different than what I'm seeing! I'm wondering if we should put it in more towards the arch, where arrow 2 is. Any advice?

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I'm not sure if you still monitor this posting but if you do, would you mind telling me what your results were with this procedure? Ive been struggling with the same issue for 5 years now but ive been too afraid to do anything about it.

The same thing happend to me. Can you tell me if it worked for you or made it worse?

I should have mentioned that the doctor wants to inject 7cc's of botox. Does that sound reasonable?