Do Both Ears Need Revision, or Just One?

  • UNC Melissa
  • Virginia
  • 1 year ago

My 5-year-old (now 6) had otoplasty six months ago, and even immediately after surgery I could tell his ears did not look pinned back. They look only mildly different, with the left still sticking out much further than the right and both protruding, in my opinion, even more than in many of the "before" pictures I see on this site. His ENT, however (who is also a board-certified plastic surgeon and performed the procedure), says that only the left ear warrants revision and that the right ear protrudes less than 18mm and therefore is within "normal range" and that he sees no need to do anything further to it. A revision of the left ear only is planned for this coming November, 11 months after his first surgery. Should I push harder on the matter? Do his ears even look much different now than before (see photos)? He does complain about the left one still getting in his way. But really, just making it match the right, would that be enough of an overall change to justify these two painful surgeries?