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Do both arches need to be done?

  • LLopara
  • 2 years ago

Hello, I went for a consultation for Invisalign today and was to that I would need to have both arches treated.I previously had a brace on the lower arch when I was 14 (29 now) is it possible that some cases will require this or was it a ploy tomake more money?   Thanks

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Invisalign, the company, doesn't allow you to purchase invisalign for only one arch. The base pricing always includes aligners for the upper and lower arches together. So, if the cost is going to be the same, you might as well do both arches. It was very appropriate of your orthodontist to tell you that you should have both arches done, so that you get the most for you money.The lower arch may very well need a bit of a "tune up" anyhow. Secondly, if your bit is a bit off, you may very well need to wear some elastics to correct this. If this is the case, then you will need upper and lower aligners. Orthodontics, including invisalign, is more than just straight teeth. I hope this answers your questions.
My dentist has allowed me to do one arch at a time, as I really didnt want a mouthful of plastic.. SO as soon as I finish the top ones Ill start on the bottom. But maybe my problem isnt as bad as some - my bite wasnt the issue - just a few crooked teeth top and bottom.

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