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Booked in for TT in August

  • MumOf3
  • Australia
  • 3 years ago

First of all, I'm loving this site. It's so great to hear "real" stories and I feel less nervous about my upcoming procedure! I'm 29 and a mum of 3 gorgeous girls (quite close together - had 3 under 3). Each were c-sections, apparently my pelvis is too small to give birth naturally (and bub number 1 was a good effort at 8lbs 11oz!). I've been having major problems with my periods since bub number 3 to the point where my ob/gyn has said the only thing that'll fix all the issues is a hysterectomy. I also have a fair bit of muscle separation too and the outside of my stomach is like pizza dough - I'm sure most of you know what I mean :) It's saggy and I have overhang, and I'm very self-conscious about what clothes I can wear without looking pregnant. At my consultation, my ob/gyn commented on how bad the outside of my stomach is and offered to sort it out by doing a TT when he does the hysterectomy - I'm ssssoooo happy/excited/nervous/terrified but can't wait!! (And of course, I will be posting before and after pictures later). I know it's still a while away but just wanted to share :) Also, has anyone had c-sections and a TT? How does the recovery compare? Thanks again to everyone else who's been sharing all their stories on this site - it's so good to be able to read everyone's experiences. Happy tummy-tucking/recovering everyone!

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I'm glad RealSelf has helped you! There are lots of women on RS who've had C-sections and compared the pain. Some women say a tummy tuck is more painful, others say the c-section was. Here's what some doctors have to say about having a hysterectomy and tummy tuck together. Will a plastic surgeon be performing the tummy tuck portion of your surgery?

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At the moment, it's actually my OB/GYN who is doing the tummy tuck (as he does this procedure for those stomachs that are really bad) but I also have an appointment in a few weeks with a PS for a consultation for a BA specifically to see if I can combine all three procedures in the one operation. If so, my OB/GYN will just do the hysterectomy, and the PS will perform the TT and BA.
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