Booked 8th October

  • tum69
  • Scotland, UK
  • 2 years ago

Hi Everyone - I am based in the UK, booked for TT, MR and BA on the 8th October - going to South Africa to have it done. Friend had her procedures there - excellent result and support; so that's me going. Just about 5 weeks to go - racing between excitement, imaging what I will look like, and fear and worry about undergoing it all.... guess we are all the same. The posts here are really useful, and the before and afters helpful. Hoping to support and be supported by others here :-)

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Yes we all have the same worries...I guess it's normal ;). We have the same date...can't wait!
Nice to know someone else is on the same timeline - 4 weeks today we should be resting up, doped out of our heads, and in recovery eating toast :-)
Hope you are doing good; I'm taking my vitamins, researching garments, support and gels for the scarring... it's a real head trip :-)